What are Nutraceuticals and how do they compliment THC?

What are Nutraceuticals and how do they compliment THC?

You may be seeing more companies adding ‘nutraceuticals’ to cannabis products recently, but what are nutraceuticals? Nutraceuticals are natural foods or parts of foods that can provide medicinal or health benefits. This can be a nutrient-rich food, like garlic, or a specific component of food, like various vitamins and minerals (medicine.net).

Why add nutraceuticals to cannabis products? There are two key benefits of adding naturally occurring nutrients to cannabis products.

Why add nutraceuticals to cannabis products?

Targeted effects: Using naturally occurring nutraceuticals can help provide a very specific type of cannabis experience tailored to your needs. For example, Pressies THC pills come in Energy, Focus, and Sleep varieties. Each of these products combine carefully selected nutraceuticals in order to compliment the THC. These ingredients work together to provide unique effects like an energy boost (Energy) or better sleep (Sleep).

Health benefits: Your body requires certain nutrients in order to stay healthy and function properly. Nutraceuticals are all-natural compounds typically obtained from food but can be acquired with the addition of supplements. Combining cannabis products with nutraceuticals can be similar to taking a vitamin supplement, but with the addition of THC. This helps the body achieve the nutrients it requires while giving you the effects you desire.

What nutraceuticals are used in Pressies and why?

Pressies are functionally-enhanced THC pills designed to provide a specific cannabis experience. Each variation works with THC to target specific effects...

Energy is formulated to provide an energy boost with the use of caffeine or green coffee bean extract, ginseng, and B vitamins, which help to improve stamina and increase your metabolism.

Focus is designed to uplift without causing the jitters or crashes one might experience with caffeine. All natural ginseng and ginkgo biloba work together to stimulate and boost concentration.

Sleep melatonin, plus theanine and phenibut to help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation for a better night’s sleep.

If you would like to feel the difference that nutraceuticals combined with THC can really make, you can find our functionally-enhanced Pressies at a retailer near you.

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